Av. Rating: 977
Title Country Captain Rating
FST Senegal Konopka Michal 2367
Title Country Player Rating
Senegal Gueye Elhadji Gorgui 2026
FI Senegal Aw Ousmane 1880
Senegal Diop Yaya 0
DI Senegal Wane Al Hassane 0
DI Senegal Cisse Amadou lamine 0
Senegal is a country on Africa’s west coast with a rich French colonial heritage and many natural attractions. Dakar, the capital, features the ancient Médina district and esteemed Musée Théodore Monod, displaying African art. Dakar is also known for its nightlife, centered on native mbalax music. Saint-Louis, formerly the capital of French West Africa, has an old town with colonial architecture.