Av. Rating: 2598
Title Country Player Rating
FT Oman Al Qudaimi Basheer 2419
Oman Al Mashikhi Salim Aliyan 2095
Oman Salim Al Maashani Amer Said 2052
Oman Salim Mohammed Salim Al Amri 1939
Oman Salim Issa Ali Shamas 1885
Oman Al Kathiri Salim Said 1773
Oman, a nation on the Arabian Peninsula, has terrain encompassing desert, riverbed oases and long coastlines on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. Wahiba Sands is a region of dunes inhabited by Bedouins. The port capital, Muscat, is home to the massive, contemporary Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, and the old waterfront Muttrah quarter, with a labyrinthine souk and busy fish market.