Av. Rating: 2493
Title Country Captain Rating
FT Mongolia Khatanbaatar Bazar 2356
Title Country Player Rating
Mongolia Batchuluun Tsegmed 2571
Mongolia Bilguun Sumiya 2479
Mongolia Nasanjargal Urtnasan 2470
Mongolia Munkhgal Gombosuren 2452
Mongolia Battulga Namkhai 2424
Mongolia, a nation bordered by China and Russia, is known for vast, rugged expanses and nomadic culture. Its capital, Ulaanbaatar, centers around Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan) Square, named for the notorious founder of the 13th- and 14th-century Mongol Empire. Also in Ulaanbaatar are the National Museum of Mongolia, displaying historic and ethnographic artifacts, and the restored 1830 Gandantegchinlen Monastery.