Av. Rating: 2640
Title Country Captain Rating
Georgia Gurieli Nino 2295
Title Country Player Rating
Georgia Cheparinov Ivan 2718
Georgia Jobava Baadur 2646
Georgia Mchedlishvili Mikheil 2608
Georgia Pantsulaia Levan 2587
FST Georgia Jojua Davit 2583
Georgia is located in the parting of southeast Europe and west Asia, however socio-politically and culturally it is a part of Europe. The capital is Tbilisi. Georgia is located in that ancient transport crossroad, which connects northern and southern, eastern and western countries. It is the country where the Great Silk Road used to pass. Most of the territories of the country consists of mountains. Georgian architecture is defined by diversity and individualism. Each part of Georgia has had its own distinguished style and the houses were different from each other in accordance with their locations. Georgian traditional cuisine is one of the richest in the world. It has not only been preserved, but also widely spread outside the Georgian boarders. Georgian coastal city Batumi is a significant international harbor at the southeast coast. Batumi is filled with beautiful streets, fountains and noisy shops. At night the city is wonderfully lit, and its climate is depended on the black sea. You will see many attractions in Batumi, such as: the Adjara State Museum, the botanical garden, the Dolphinarium, etc.