The Journalists’ Choice Award
30 September 2018
The Journalists’ Choice Award

Love of Chess

Three Word Champions Nona Gaprindashvili , Maia

Chiburdanidze and Susan Polgar would like you to vote for Rani

Hamid – the grand old lady of Asian chess , who started playing

at the age of 33(!) and who won Asian Zonal tournament

qualifying for the coming Women’s World Championship at the

age of 73 !

Rani Hamid

- The first international master from Bangladesh.

- She has won the Bangladesh Women’s Championship a

record 22 times.

- 3-time winner of the British Women’s Championship.

- Starting from 1984 she played in all World Chess Olympiads

(3 times in men’s team).

Love of chess is the driving force of Rani Hamid. Rani means

queen. So, please vote for the chess queen of Asia – The Asian

Nona Gaprindashvili.