Batumi 2018: Women’s team’s unfortunate draw with Czech Republic
04 October 2018
Batumi 2018: Women’s team’s unfortunate draw with Czech Republic

One round is left until the end of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad. Tomorrow the last 11th round will start at 11:00 and in the evening Champions and Prize winners will be awarded. Tomorrow we’ll find out our Women’s team’s fate – Of course, we still believe that Georgian team will get the medals and after this estimating their results will be easier. However, we can still review the games of other teams.

The second teams of women and men haven’t played badly. The third team of men left an especially good impression. This team consists of young players aged up to 20. Out of these 4 teams, the second team of Women had much more demands, because they are considered as potential players for the main team. They haven’t played badly. #14 team won against quite strong Italy with 2,5:1,5.

Before the Olympiad, a new member quite strong Ivan Cheparinov was added to the main team of Georgian men. Nino Gurieli’s team, unfortunately, lost many unexpected points and couldn’t get the results they wanted. For #14 men’s team being in the top ten would be a great achievement, but they couldn’t manage to do it.

The most interesting game in the 10th round was the Georgian women’s team’s game, which competed with #26 Czech Republic. They should have won in every possible scenery. However they only got 2:2 and decreased the chance of getting medals. After yesterday’s voting out team had every chance to aim for the championship. Especially, when the opponents played a draw. Unfortunately, Elizbar Ugulava’s team didn’t use the chance.

Nana Dzagnidze and Bela Khotenashvili won with white figures, but neither Nino Batsiashvili nor Meri Arabidze couldn’t achieve their goal – even one draw could bring our team victory and in the final tour they wouldn’t be dependent on the opponent’s games. With this scores, even winning might not be enough to get the medals, which is very unfortunate...

Today the third team of women ended the match with 2:2 with Estonia. The main team of men played 2:2 with Egypt. The second team agreed on the same score with Argentina. The third team lost against Iran with 1,5:2,5.


Batumi. New Sports Palace. September 23 – October 5. The Chess Olympiad 

X Round


The first Georgian team – Czech Republic 2:2

1. Nana Dzagnidze – Olsarova Karolina 1:0

2. Nino Batsiashvili – Worek Joanna 0:1

3. Bela Khotenishvili – Petrova Kristyna 1:0

4. Meri Arabidze - Novosadova Kristyna 0:1

The second Georgian team – Italy 2.5:1.5 

1. Inga Charkhalashvili – Zimina Olga 0,5:0,5

2. Sopio Gvetadze – Di Benedetto Desiree 1:0

3. Sopiko Khukhashvili – Brunello Marina 0:1

4. Miranda Mikadze - Movileanu Daniela 1:0

The third Georgian team – Estonia 2:2

1. Nino Khomeriki – Narva Mai 0:1

2. Mariam Janiashvili – Olde Margareth 0,5:0,5

3. Lile Koridze – Tsiganova Monika 0,5:0,5

4. Tamar Esadze - Narva Triin 1:0


The first Georgian team – Egypt 2:2 

1. Baadur Jobava – Amin Bassem 0:1

2. Mikheil Mchedlishvili – Adly Ahmed 0,5:0,5

3. Ivan Cheparinov – Fawzy Adham 0,5:0,5

4. Davit Jojua - Sadek Sameh 1:0

The second Georgian team – Argentina 2:2

1. Luka Paichadze – Mareco Sandro 1:0

2. Davit Maghalashvili – Flores Diego 0,5:0,5

3. Tornike Sanikidze – Peralta Fernando 0:1

4. Giga Kuparadze - Perez Ponsa Federico 0,5:0,5

The third Georgian team – Iran 1,5:2,5 

1. Noe Tutisani – Maghsoodloo Parham 0:1

2. Nikoloz Petriashvili – Idani Pouya 0,5:0,5

3. Nikoloz Katcharava – Tabatabaei M.amin 0:1

4. Giorgi Sibashvili - Firouzja Alireza 1:0

Lekso Maisuradze

The Organizing Committee of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad