Batumi 2018: The first un-expectancy – Russia lost against Uzbekistan
25 September 2018
Batumi 2018: The first un-expectancy – Russia lost against Uzbekistan

In the second round of Batumi 2018 the USA’s team, which is currently the world rating leader and the current Champion of the Olympiad, competed with Georgia’s third men’s team.

Even though it was predicted that USA would have easy games, it can be said, that the team put in great effort to win – 2,5:1,5. We should also consider that at Batumi’s Olympiad the USA team leader Fabiano Caruana played for the first time. He is considered for the title of the World Chess Champion.
American Grandmaster, whose ratings are quite impressive -2827- couldn’t manage to defeat the international grandmaster Noe Tutisani (2471) and ended the game in a draw. In this game the first symbolic move was made by the 43rd World Chess Olympiad’s Goodwill Ambassador and 5-time World Champion Nona Gaprindashvil.
Similar to Tutisani, Nikoloz Petriashvili and Nikoloz Katcharava also ended their games with a tie competing with Samuel Shankland (2722) and Ray Robson (2682), respectively.

Wesley So was the only one to win from the USA’s team. On the second board the Grandmaster, whose scores are also impressive- 2776, defeated Luka Oboladze with white pieces.
Failure is never pleasant, but we can benefit even from losing. Especially, when the opponent is the best team in the world.
The 2nd seeded team at the Batumi Olympiad, Russia (Karjakin Sergey, Nepomniachtchi Ian, Vitiugov Nikita, Jakovenko Dmitry) defeated Ireland (66) – 3:1. Another Olympiad’s favorite China defeated Columbia with 3,5:0,5.

Today at the Olympiad, the legendary Indian Grandmaster, the Batumi 2018 Goodwill Ambassador Viswavanathan Anand (2771) played for the first time. He skipped the game yesterday. The World’s current Champion defeated Austrian Markus Ragger (2686) in Rapid Chess. The 5th seeded team at the Olympiad, India defeated the opponent with 3,5:0,5.

Another favorite Azerbaijan (Mamedyarov Shakhriyar, Radjabov Teimour, Naiditsch Arkadij, Mamedov Rauf) defeated Italy with 3:1.

The second Georgian team won against Denmark with 2,5:1,5. The best ფour players of Georgia played against Norway and ended in a draw 2:2: in the absence of Baadur Jobava Mikheil Mchedlishvili moved to the first board and lost against Aryan Tari. Ivan Cheparinov (II board) defeated Urkedal Frode Olav Olsen. Levan Pantsulaia (Christiansen Johan-Sebastian) and Davit Jojua (Salomon Johan) ended their games with a tie.

Women’s tournament didn’t end without an unexpected result: favorite Russia lost against Uzbekistan -1,5:2,5 – this should be considered as the biggest unexpectany at Batumi 2018.

Four women from Russia - Kosteniuk Alexandra, Goryachkina Aleksandra, Gunina Valentina, Pogonina Natalija – are the number one at the Olympiad, while their opponent was the numer 31. However favorites couldn’t manage to win the game. Kosteniuk, Goryachkina and Gunina ended their games with a tie, but Pogonina, playing with white pieces was powerless against Nadirjanova Nodira.

The number second women’s team from Ukraine immediately benefited from their opponents failure (2,5:1,5 with Turkmenistan) and the 3rd seeded China. Asian defeated Columbia with 3:1.
The three teams of Georgian Women couldn’t win all the three matches:

the first four women impressively defeated Norway 4:0. The second team defeated Sweden -3,5:0,5. The third team who is on the 59th place ended with a tie with Germany (9th place) -2:2.

The Organizing Committee of the 2018 World Chess Olympiad.