Batumi 2018: IX Round – Poland is a leader among men
04 October 2018
Batumi 2018: IX Round – Poland is a leader among men

October 3 turned out to be loaded with chess events:

The day started with the 89th FIDE congress in Sheraton Hotel, it was followed by choosing a new President of the organization and ended with choosing a new Chairman for the Continental Chess Union. In the parallel of this IX round of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad gifted us with the memorable competitions.

The new 7th President of FIDE became Arkady Dvorkovich, who got the support of 103 delegates. His opponent, Deputy President, Greek Grandmaster Georgios Makropoulos got 78 votes.

The president for the European Chess Union was also chosen: Zurab Azmaiparishvili will lead the organization for the second time. Today, in the election, held at Hilton Hotel, he was the only candidate and got 44 votes from 50 delegates.
We’ll start the review of nearly ending the Olympiad with men: Olympic Champion the USA team competed with the discovery of Batumi 2018, Poland.
We have mentioned before, that Americans are #1 at the Olympiad, while Poland is #11. However, after 8 rounds America had 15 points and was on the first place and Poland had 14 points on the second place.

The competition between leader ended with Poland’s victory – 2,5:1,5.

On the first board Duda Jan-Krzysztof competed, with white figures, competed with Fabiano Caruana. Distinctive players of Batumi 2018 played for 6 hours and finally agreed on a tie.
20-year-old Duda, despite his age, is considered as the strongest Polish player of all times. Specialist predict him successful future, including a crown of the World Champion. He becaime a Grandmaster when he was 15. In the start of his career, he became a young Champion of the World and Europe. In spring, he won the title of Poland’s Champion for the first time: out of 9 games, he had 4 wins and 5 ties.
Duda’s great victories are still ahead. His today’s opponent Fabiano Caruana will play for the World Champion’s title in one month. His and Norwegian Magnus Carlsen’s match will be hosted by London on November 9-28.

27-year-old Scandinavian wears the crown of FIDE Champion since 2013. Caruana got the permission to compete with him in March, in Berlin, during the tournament of the candidates for the World Championship. About 1 year ago, in December, Fabiano Caruana played in London “Chess Classic” and won. Will the native Italian chess player manage to win the main title? We’ll see soon...

After 7 rounds, 7 teams had 13 points. 6 of them played with each other: Azerbaijan got defeated by China – 1,5:2,5. India also got defeated by Armenia with the same score, Germany and France split the scores – 2:2. Only England got to win with Norway – 3:1. 

On the first three boards of China and Armenia there was a draw. We should highlight the game between these teams’ leaders Viswanathan Anand and Levon Aronian. For both Grandmasters this game was the forth tie in a row (they are unchangeable since the 2nd round). Batumi 2018 Goodwill Ambassador, the World’s Ex-Champion Anand played with white figures...

Among women China and Ukraine are the leaders with 14 points. In the previous round Olympic Champion China played against Kazakhstan, who defeated the first Georgian team of women, and won with 3:1. Ukraine and Azerbaijan ended their match with – 2:2. Pairs on the next tables were also quite interesting: Americans competed with Hungary, Armenians defeated Iran with 3:1.

The main favorites of Batumi 2018, China won with the help of the players on the third and the forth boards, Huang Qian and Lei Tingjie. Huand defeated Nakhbayeva Guliskhan with black figures (it was her first failure), Lei defeated Dauletova Gulmira with white figures. There was a draw on the first and the second boards. The #3 and #4 of China are irreplaceable in Batumi – Huang has 6,5 points, Lei has 7,5.

In the match of Ukraine and Azerbaijan -2:2 – the first ones to finish was the games where Azerbaijan played with white figures: Mammadzada Gunay, playing on the first board, was defeated by Anna Muzychuk. Mammadova Gulnar defeated Anna Ushenina. The third result was revealed on the second board: Mariya Muzychuk, playing with white figures, agreed on a tie with Balajayeva Khanim. The last to finish was the game between Fataliyeva Ulviyya and Osmak Iulija – with a tie. It should be mentioned, that the arbiter’s help was needed to identify the final result of this game and the whole match.

Lasha Goduadze

The Organizing Committee of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad