Arkady Dvorkovich is the 7th President of FIDE
03 October 2018
Arkady Dvorkovich is the 7th President of FIDE

New President of the International Chess Federation – FIDE- is 46-year-old Russian politician Arkady Dvorkovich. He is the 7th president.
Today FIDE 89th congress held in Sheraton Hotel ended with the presidential elections. Dvorkovich got 103 votes and defeated his main opponent, Deputy President of the organization Georgios Makropoulos (Greece). The latter was supported by 78 delegates. Greek functionary is leading Greek Chess Federation since 1982. From 1986 he was FIDE Vice-President. The third candidate Nigel Short (England) refused to participate in the elections during his speech at the congress and rejected his candidacy in Dvorkovich’s advantage.
46-year-old Dvorkovich is an economist. From May 21 in 2012 to May 18 in 2018 he was a Chairman of Russia’s Government. From May 13 in 2008 to May 21 in 2012 he was Russia’s President’s Assistant. Since 2015 June 22 Dvorkovich is the Chairman of Russian Railways Board of Directors. Simultaneously, in summer he was the Director of the Organizing Committee of Football World Championship in Russia.

The father of FIDE’s new President Vladimir Dvorkovich (passed in 2005) was a chess player and international chess arbiter. In 1982-1984 he was the General Secretary of Soviet Union’s Chess Federation. For years he was a member of World Champion Garry Kasparov’s trainers team.

The first president of FIDE was Netherlander diplomat Alexander Rueb. He held this position in 1924-1949. After him the president were Folke Rogard (Sweden; 1949-1970), Max Euwe (Netherlands; 1970-1978), Fridrik Olafsson (Iceland; 1978-1982), Florencio Campomanes (Philippines; 1982-1995) and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (Russia; 1995-2018).

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