Spring in Adjara is warm and pleasant - visitors will find themselves surrounded by the scent of newly bloomed magnolias and colorful camellias. In Adjara rural tourism, bird watching and visiting protected areas become especially interesting in spring time. Those interested in rural tourism can enjoy hiking, camping, rock climbing, wine making, vodka distillation, tasting treating mineral waters and so on.


The hot, sunny weather and the allure of the Black Sea attract numerous visitors to Adjara in the summertime - the city will be full of local and foreign tourists. Adjara is home to several resort towns, including Kvariati, Sarpi, Gonio, Chakvi and Kobuleti. All of Adjara’s resort areas are distinguished by their abundance of entertainment venues and tourist facilities.


Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Adjara. The autumn season provides excellent conditions for seaside holidays, rural tourism and wine tourism. In particular, autumn is the vintage period in mountainous Adjara. Visitors can involve themselves in many fun and memorable harvest-related activities, including grape harvesting and wine making.


Adjara also has great potential for further developing ski resorts. During the wintertime, visitors can enjoy the offerings of Gomarduli and Goderdzi resorts. The resorts have ski routes and lifts for visitors to enjoy. Presently, there are numerous guesthouses in the area available to visitors.