Achma is one of the famous interpretations of khachapuri, which uses a technique different from most other types of khachapuri. Thin layers of melted cheese combined with butter give the dish a very rich but light flavor. Achma is truly representative of Adjarian cuisine and is a true pleasure for all food connoisseurs.


There are several people in Adjara who love iakhni, but the most popular fans of Iakhni comes from Kobuleti. Iakhni is made with ground meat combined with a large amount of spices, which give the dish its rich and full flavor. Iakhni is an essential part of any Kobuletian supra, but only experienced chefs can prepare authentic iakhni.


Sand coffee is part of Batumi's unforgettable and picturesque image. In order to prepare sand coffee, it is essential to maintain a certain temperature during the boiling process. It is the perfect seaside dessert. Many people believe that Batumi's sand coffee has its own unique fragrance.

Among Adjarian desserts, baklava is one of the difficult desserts to prepare. Proper Adjarian baklava is made from over sixty thin layers of dough, with each layer being covered in a thin layer of walnuts and sweet syrup. Preparing baklava takes an immense amount of time and requires extensive experience to make properly.


Keda district, 43 kilometers far from Batumi, is considered to be the historical center of winemaking in Adjara.The most popular types of wine are Tsolikauri (White wine) and Chkhaveri (Rose wine).


Adjarian khachapuri has a unique shape and amazing taste. While other varieties of khachapuri can be paired with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Adjarian khachapuri should be eaten alone for either breakfast or dinner. There are several versions of Adjarian khachapuri. The Laz, a people who lived near the seacoast, contributed to Adjarian kchacapuri by giving the dish its signature boat-like shape. Additionally, the Laz also added an egg in the middle of the dish, which is symbolic of the sun. Adjarian khachapuri is not only delicious, it is also beautiful and symbolic of both the sun and the sea.