How to make a call

To call from abroad to Georgia please dial the country code +995, then the area code and a phone number. To call within the country dial 0, area code and phone number.

Internal city telephone codes of Georgia: Batumi - 422; Tbilisi - 32; Kobuleti.

Mobile operators

There are three Mobile operators in Georgia: Magti, Geocell and Beeline. They have different rates for local and international calls.

Single emergency number in Georgia: 112

Georgian Language

The official language of Georgia is Georgian, along with Abkhazian language in Abkhazian A/R. Georgian language is one of the oldest living language in the world. It belongs to the family of Ibero-Caucasian group. It should be noted that the Georgian alphabet is among the world's 14 alphabets and takes 5th place for its age. The majority of local people in Adjara talking in Georgian, Russian and English languages.


Useful vocabulary:

  • Hello – Gamardjoba
  • Goodbye – Nakhvamdis
  • Please – Gtkhovt
  • Thank you – Madloba
  • Yes/No - Diakh/Ara
  • Excuse me – Ukatsravad
  • What's your name? - Ra gqvia?
  • Where's hotel? - Sad aris sastumro?
  • What's the address - Ra misamartia?
  • How much is it? - Ra girs?