About Batumi

Batumi is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations on the Black Sea. Batumi's juxtaposition of ancient and modern architecture, its historical port, serene botanical garden, Seaside Boulevard, European squares and streets - not to mention its world-class hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars - make up the face of modern Georgia.

It is important to note that in 2012 American Academy of Hospitality Sciences nominated Batumi as the best tourist destination of the year.

In the second half of the 20th century European architects flocked to Batumi and designed numerous unique architectural designs. 

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    Infrastructure of the sea resorts, subtropical climate, unique combination of the sea and the mountain air creates amazing conditions for the people who go to Adjara for a vacation. Various beaches: Batumi is the perfect place for people who want to have a relaxing vacation at a sea resort, as well as, enjoy the city’s active lifestyle. Many different concerts, fun and cultural events are held here every summer. If you’re looking for a more remote, quiet place – visit Tsikhisdziri’s, Chakvi’s, Mtsvane Kontskhi’s seaside. Sarpi, Kvariati and Gonio beaches have the infrastructure that is perfect for having a comfortable vacation. Kobuleti beaches are distinguished with special medicinal features.

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    Adjara's climate is subtropical, with mild winters and hot summers. The Black Sea coastline is humid compared with highland regions. The mountains are distinguished by the considerable amount of snowfall they receive, which sometimes reaches several meters. The temperature in the summer reaches 24oC in the plains and 19oC in areas with higher elevations. The average low temperatures in winter in the seaside Adjara is 5oC, whereas in the highland regions are slightly colder (3oC).

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    In Georgia, the payment is in the national currency - Lari (Gel). Only cash payment is possible in the rural places of Adjara. Using credit cards are possible almost all hotels, restaurants and shopping centers in Batumi. Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks and currency exchange offices. For the detailed information about exchanged rate please visit.

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    It is very easy and comfortable to move in Adjara, tourists can use their own cars or rent them.

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    Probably dozens of Hollywood scenes can be recalled in which couple in the highest point of Panoramic wheel enjoys each other and fascinating view. If you wish to repeat this scene and fill yourself real film star you do have this possibility in Batumi.

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    Georgian cuisine is known for its colorful diversity, use of different techniques and traditional table layouts. There is no similar term or concept in the world for a Georgian Supra, a feast of epic proportions and diverse dishes led by a toastmaster or Tamada.

    Tamada, besides leading toasts to a variety of subjects, should also guide the evening and entertain the guests with song, poetry, and storytelling. Toasting tradition is prevalent throughout the Caucasian countries; however, the tamada is a uniquely Georgian phenomenon.

    Traditional Georgian dishes such as Satsivi, Mtsvadi, Khachapuri, Mchadi, Khinkali, Chkmeruli, Pkhali with walnut, bean, etc. dominate in Adjarian cuisine as well. Apart from traditional Georgian dishes Adjara is also famous for its local cuisine.

    Resulting from the specific lifestyle in the highlands of Adjara, milk products represent the main component in their nutrition ration. Winter offers his conditions to the highland population - there arises the necessity to preserve the products for a long time.

    There are a lot of dishes with vegetables, meats and fish as well. Also, sweets play an important role in Adjarian cuisine.

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